Irresistible Flavors at La Cervecería Estartit: Beers, Frankfurt, Hamburgers, and Tapas

"Discover the world of beer, enjoy delicious Frankfurts and customized hamburgers, and let yourself be seduced by our unique tapas in l'Estartit."

La Cerveseria

Do you know the difference between a Lager and an Ale?

And do you know what a Craft Beer, an IPA, a Pilsner, or a Porter is?

Come, we'll explain it to you. And you'll also get to taste them. All of them. A great selection of beers from various countries, on tap or in bottles, whichever you prefer.

Frankfurts in l'Estartit, yes, the Frankfurt is back in style! And it has arrived on the Costa Brava. If you fancy a Classic Frankfurt, a Bratwurst, a Bockwurst, or any of the other varieties we offer at our restaurant, you now have a new point of reference in l'Estartit, Girona.

Furthermore, do you know how we cook them? Steamed, just like they were originally made, so you don't eat oil, only Frankfurt.

Healthy, modern food with a vintage style.

La Cerveseria
La Cerveseria
La Cerveseria
We have reinvented the way you enjoy a hamburger.
We prepare it for you, but you tell us how!
La Cerveseria

Choose the type of bread, the hamburger you prefer

(and trust us, we have quite a few) and add the ingredients you fancy from our list.

So you eat only what you want, no surprises. Oh, and we cook it on the grill, without oil, so you only eat the good stuff. The concepts of "Hamburger" and "Healthy food" have made peace :-)

What would a burger joint or a Frankfurt be without patatas bravas (spicy potatoes)?

In fact, they say that patatas bravas are the secret behind the best burger joints. Well, maybe it's true... will you miss out on ours? And not just bravas, because our potatoes with melted cheddar cheese and diced ham are... special.

La Cerveseria

And let's not forget about the rest of the tapas. Come!

Gluten-free or vegetarian in l'Estartit?

At La Cerveseria in l'Estartit, we are committed to new dietary trends.

Whether out of necessity, allergies, or choice, we want you to have options, which is why all our Frankfurts and any hamburger can be ordered with gluten-free bread and vegetarian options. And if you think a vegetarian burger is boring and tasteless, set aside the stereotypes and try our vegan burger. Then you can tell us how it was.

Moreover, we want you to feel comfortable and not have to ask, so our menu clearly indicates the allergens in all the ingredients.

By the way... have you tried a gluten-free beer?

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